Friday, March 28, 2003
mind riot site is up again.
visit at mind_riot
thats all for today, its been a tiring week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
somethings bothering me when i watch the TV.
coalition forces saying that Iraqi army using civilians as sheild by fighting in cities.
news flash!!
these are ppl that are soo called "repressed" yet they are just moving ard in their own city knowing that the army will be fighting in the area.
if they really are anti-saddam, they would make moved out of the city and camp in the desert yet they do not.
this is an outright showing of defiance by the ppl to the US coalition forces.
and they condemn the iraqi soldier for not fighting in the open desert instead.
now during war, they demand the iraqi soldier to roll over and die??
they use sugar coated words to tell their plight in overcoming iraq quickly.

the world is not blind. we know what we see might not be what it seems.
and stop saying that iraq's not complying with the genieva convention when they themselves invade without consent.

Sunday, March 23, 2003
everyone is busy and tired.
me included.

Sega Dreamcast game system is finally back in my store. still trying to figure out how i'm gonna hook up PS2, DVD player and DC all to one 5.1 surround system. well i fugured out the basic but still not sure how much of sound quality is gonna be compromised. well thats my problem.

what started as curiousity to find out whats gonna happen in season 5 of charmed had evolved into an entire obsession. already watched 14 episodes and 2 more still on the way. whats have the girls done to me??

Thursday, March 20, 2003
the bomb was released
war had begun...
wait a minute,
now they announced that war in fact had not began.
that bomb was released especially to kill saddam and its leaders found to be in one area.
so its now begun yet...

What the fish!! you don't just drop a bomb a say thats not yet war.

on a lighter note:
couldn't wait for CH5 to broadcast charmed season 5 (too long), so d/l the 2 hour special for next season. very good.

Sunday, March 16, 2003
went to faisal khan wedding @ tampines 300++
meet up with same old friends there, some that i'd never i'd see again.
too bad didn't have a chance to make new friends eh *hehehe* with all the lovely kebaya ladies there.
anyway, wish the happy couple all the best with their new life.

went to see cradle to the grave after that. awesome show. loads of actions and chases. heres a tip to those gonna see it soon, when the credits roll stay put.
you wont be sorry. anyway cradle was very good...anticipating for the dvd release.

went bowling yesterday nite after work @ cathay bowl east coast. very long since i last bowled thus the score says it all. had five games, the second one sees me with the worse score for the night. well it was fun....but now my thumb is swollen and my wrist hurts. and i thought spanding time in front of the computer exercises these muscles.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

went cycling at pasir ris park with zamomo. it just finished raining, so everything was wet. anyhow, we visited the huts and tower and even cycled through the mangrove swamp walkway. we cycled all the way to fisherman village. woah! the remote control boat pool was in terrible condition; algae all over, leaves, bubbles....yucks!! anyway, we raced back at about 2pm. thats when our ruben barricallo and david coulthard (F1 racer) impersonation had mud fly over all my shirt and had me stuck with mud clad jeans. damn zam!! he braked when i veered into the mud.
Still, thats fun...for a lunchtime.

[NOTE: car out]

Thursday, March 06, 2003
bought altec lansing XA3051 speakers.
reasonable price but quite an unexpected purchase.
plugged it on...turn episode II on....and 5.1 surround baybeh!!

and finally the soundworks 2.1 speakers can return to the PC. kinda crappy listening to music tracks with the provided mounted speakers...bleeek!
ahhhh! the return on bass sound to my room. hip hop beats never sounded better.

charmed was awesome. the only series i follow...oh smallville too. but storyline wise, charmed is better.

Monday, March 03, 2003
got two pixx of last weeks sentosa retreat.

an older photo of aloha, featuring all former colleagues xcept me. *sigh* those were the days....pix courtesy of jillian(girl, center)

Saturday, March 01, 2003
Wishing happy birthday to wiwi natasha....
Wishing belated happy birthday to huda....
Wishing happy new printer day to syamomo...
Wishing less sorrow more happiness day to adiva...
Wishing happy working alone again day to meself.