Tuesday, February 25, 2003
zam, zila(new collegue) and me was sitting around as talking bout previous happenings. one of the many memories at work got me rolling in laughter...

that time i wanted to go for a swim but didn't bring extra underwear...but being me, i'd rather not go without me undies in the water. then i saw some "what i thought to be disposable underwear" so i thought that i could slip into those after swimming. so we went swimming. then when its time to go off, i wore the damn thing after showering. being my first time it felt awkward and kinda big on the backside (like baggy) but who cares right. so when i got out the thing was still fluffy on the waist and plus my steamer jeans make things a bit more obvious.

then my ex-collegue(girl)to me that it was actual disposable panties.....goddamnit!! laughing stock again. but what to do, just wear the panties home. hahaha!
can't believe i actually weart the thing home.
[note: this is not my picture]
WARNING!! - not for the faint hearted (ghost pixx) -

as promised on previous blog entry

Friday, February 21, 2003
My eyes are fresh wide awake at 12midnite.
thanxx to Sara for sending me a pix of a *pocong. now wanna sleep also keep looking outside the window.
me will post the pixx tomorrow but for now....i'd rather not look at it again.

*pocong = a malay ghost.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
highly recommended for those seeking fun....HOT CHICKS.
"most people don't know this, but you can store your weed there"-adam sandler special promo.

Just caught 8 mile minutes ago. very engaging performance i must say.

Got new staff today. hurrah! finally the burden has been lifted...but for how long?? i sure hope this girl doesn't scoot on us.

Friday, February 14, 2003
me, zaki and rabia;
caught dreamworks - "catch me if you can" just now. very good show...quite memorable.
"whose there?"
"go ............"

hahahaha!.....thats a free one.

bought some tees from topman.
aunt annes - pretzels
scent balls - scent shop

got 8 mile, LOTR:TT, leaving las vegas (DVD)
got PS2 - FFX, hitman 2, MK:DA, tiger woods 2003

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
received scanned HR2003 pixx from miss rabia. gonna put em up soon although raya passed quite sometime ago.

Monday, February 10, 2003
i'm trying to settle myself down*not marrying* and enjoy the smaller things in life....
but when i get to a flower and try to sniff its scent thats lingering in the breeze *buzzzzz* there comes the bumble bee.
when i try to sit by the beach during lunch and read newspapers while basking in the wind *swoosh* there goes the papers.
and when i try to dip my toes in the swimming pool's crystal blue water *hoi!* people say i see girls in bikini.

conclusion: Whats Up wif dat bruda!!

Sunday, February 09, 2003
sitting in the office...
reading instructions on how to apply Nivea body Moisturing Lotion;

"apply on arms and legs and all over your body"

that gives me a very naughty idea.

Saturday, February 08, 2003
Yesterday...was tiring as per normal. check in check out day.
Bought one dozen qoo white grape for energy suppliment throughout the week....its gonna be a long week.
lucky break - hari raya haji next wednesday. most looking forward to it.
Had dinner at Fish n Co tampines with nadz...regretted it *a lil* later. too bloated to move gracefully. bought plain tees at sale.
Nadz followed me home cos he need to collect his full pack for standby duty. Had a bout of WWE:shut your mouth Royal Rumble and Winning Eleven 6 on the PS2. i trashed him...woohoo! its good to have company to compete with(missed chalet times).

until next time.
[NOTE:Wiwi Natasha left voicemail no.2]

Monday, February 03, 2003
bought singlets at John Little white sands, tried them on later but cannot fit.
my oh my..i've grown. lucky i didn't crumple the receipt this time. got a one to one exchange later.
now its not so suffocating when i go and sleep.

Sunday, February 02, 2003
It was a full scheduled Saturday.
Morning wake up and straight away went to my cuz engagement
after all is said and done by the time me reach home was 7pm.

Went to Changi at night, had supper then went for a stroll by the beach. it was a packed beach! no space to walk around. anyhow sometime in the night when we decided to rest our tired feet, it started to rain. damn! and we were so far away from shelter and our vehicles. nonetheless we got back to the food center and took refuge. after a while it stopped, then when we were just about to move off, it poured again!
did some more waiting and finally managed to move off to east coast park.

Also densely populated by tents, but undeterred we searched for the perfect tree to set up our hammocks. after a long distance of walking (4am now) we gave up and set ourselves down by the beach. just as we settled down with the hammocks and groundsheets it suddenly started drizzling.

hahaha!! what luck we had?!