Friday, December 20, 2002
Lord of the rings::two towers.

super movie. i foresee a barrage of "legolas" themed site in the coming months as he's simply superb in the second installment.
*spoilers to fans*

the dwarf was hilarious...from running tips - to dwarf woman talk - to being in the front line and even to wearing chain-mail (armour)
he got me laughing hysterically. "aragon" was as cool as ever. didn't quite like the "frodo" part of it but "gollem" was acted out especially well.
would be going again for another round. I also think that one "rohan" knight is gonna be themed in a lot of girls site.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002
it was a fantastic saturday!
went visiting with tranxit.
the turnout was very good indeed.
even NurL tagged along.

sunday, not too good. but then again i was working.
had lunch at K's open house. and meet up with the rest again after work at Zamomo's place.
spared some time to meet up with some ol' buddies of mine from 260 court tampines. apparently, i've got a seat for 18 dec "two towers" sneak preview.
wohoo!!! i'll tell ya all bout it come wednesday nite or is it thursday morning?

monday, hell i didn't even have a chance to touch my workstation (yup! that busy). lunch was good! pasir ris magic wok.

tuesday, this faithful day. i arranged for an interview tomorrow. when i looked at the application list, 80% malay girls under 24 yrs old. ehemm!!
lets see their potential come tomorrow...exciting!! hahahaha.