Saturday, December 07, 2002
what a dragggg!! second day raya and i'm at work.
in addition to that, i've got loads of work to do that nobody followed up after me and zamomo left for half day leave hari raya eve.

i've got fixed assets, store inspection, 7 stacks of registration forms and ants feedback compilation due monday with only half a day to work wif. on top of that, that half day was spent receiving complains about the arcade and stopping ppl from taking away the swimming pool's expensive umbrella thingies. come monday, i wonder if i could even do the check outs....but then again, if not me and zamomo, who else would do it.

Friday, December 06, 2002

Thursday, December 05, 2002
i took adiva's advice and decided to scout for some quality sandals for "hari raya"
the short search (i'm tired) ended up in TM isetan, got a renoma pair. i guess it's ok but it cost me a whooping $81. could have gotten a cheaper pair at Metro but they didn't have my colour plus the sales assistant wasn't kinda looking forward to attending to me unlike the TM sales assistant. so alls well ends well.

then got my hair trimmed. but the barber knicked my flesh...i was bleeding on the barber chair. nothing that tissue and pressure couldn't handle though. well i guess thats sums up my "hari raya" shopping - a pair of sandals.

Sunday, December 01, 2002
i am in need of an opinion.....
subject speakers::
5.1 to be exact.
choices fall into creative, altec, cambridge
so anyone with insights, plz feel free to express their thoughts, anywhere.

i've been trying to recreate the live atmosphere of the cranberries concert lately.
i'm sooo caught up with their "wake up and smell the coffee" song. well thats one of the things that have been keeping me awake at night.

i went to sim lim with zaki yesterday, bought some cables to connect me PS2, DVD and TV all in one go. luckily its not as complicated as it seems. but the wired mess after that is horrendous. surveyed for some top notch PC speakers to be used for the DVD player....found some likely candidates.

theres a new shop opposite kinokuniya bugis...absolute comic. cool shop.