Outingz recorded in time

picture taken :: TP, level 3,
block 10, outside LT 28 [Tranxit Point] ... our infamous hang out spot.
event ::
Black was the order of the day, no ... no one died. Marvelous view of the ever busy polytechnic bus stop from here.


picture taken :: Istana park, 1997.
event :: A shopping trip that somehow ended up in a park, just before going for supper at Tekka ... i can't recall what exactly happen though.


picture taken :: Pasir Ris tower.
event :: An attempt to spook ourselves late at nite that was to no avail. Yup, that's rite, courage come in numbers ... all 12 of em, plus cameraman.


picture taken :: Heeren toilet, 1997.
event :: A discovery of a lifetime. Some people still don't know how to operate the 'thing' ... hahaha! well, watch and learn.


picture taken :: ITAS canteen, TP, 1997.
event :: Another long time picture. Nothing hunky here ... just some kids cooling down after basketball court soccer.

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