Outingz recorded in time

picture taken :: our place of ops, tranxit point 28.
event :: CCNA day, the whole institute was turned into a street market kinda thingy ... girls love to set up booth for their clubs on this day and the guys, well we love to browse especially, Acit ... hahaha!


picture taken :: tranxit point 28.
event :: This is us hanging around before a brainstorm comes to mind. If nothing comes up by 5pm, off to the basketball court we go.


picture taken :: In the auditorium before a rock concert.
event :: In those day, a rock concert is the best place to see the diverse lifestyles of the community in the institute; black metal, punk, skinheads, ah bengs, hardcore, rappers. They all come flocking down.


picture taken :: Outside auditorium, 1999.
event :: A Malay Cultural Society event, i was invited to help eat as they over-catered. Another free meal wouldn't hurt anyone rite.

- end -