all Left :
This picture was taken at TP, level 3,
block 10, outside LT 28 (Tranxit Point).
The place has got quite a view.

Above : Another horror-flick?

Below : Stolen from the CID files.
Anyway its not me who did it. They did it.


Right :
Curiousity killed the cat.
This type of curiousity can
earn you a black eye.

R(A) Left :
This one contains explicit
footage of toplessness. If
you don't meet the minimum
requirement, close your eyes.

Above : Five down, four to go...bang!!˛bang!!˛
You can take our lives but you can't take our faith.
Sepatutnya kami ditembak dengan senapang gajah.

tranxit Left :
This picture was taken before we
make our way to the MIB studio.
We were the extras who clean up
the mess of J and K. They call us
the containment unit...serious!

Right :
Some people go to a concert
to watch bands perform, others
just want to have their picture
taken at a concert*hahaha*


Above : At the buffet after MCS Drama.
Everybody was eating like a pig 'xcept
us of course who took time off from our
feeding session to pose for you all

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Updated 300399