Left :
Former Temasekians at a BBQ.
Most are already in N.S and
finishing soon. These are just a
handful of them. I didn't attend
this BBQ though...too bad.

Above : The infamous 4/5 '95' girls, xcept Shikin of 4/6.
Life in Temasek won't be the same without some of them.

Above : This was my class when I repeated.

Left :
A visit to the zoo won't be complete
if you don't see the crocodiles. They
are HUGE. This was taken sometime
mid 1997. We are ex-Temasekians.

With the rest of my class E133. Our care
person is the one in white behind me.
He doesn't care though.

These are some of the guys that hang
around Gerai Kita outside TP.....
Rock never dies!!

Left :
A picture taken after TP
MCS Drama. All those named are
ex-Temasekians, others are the
same usual suspects of Tranxit.

Some of the visitors that came to my
place this Raya, when no ones home.
Luckily I'm a gentleman...hahaha!!

This ones obvious...some of my inmate
buddies...with da fake smiles.
*Crying in our hearts*

made by Alpitt Tranxit
Updated 021099