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Lord of the rings
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jennifer love hewitt

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[04-01-02] after a break i've added two more pages to me biodata section---> desktop & cd collection.
added two more pages in works (english and malay version). taken from da movie "storm riders"
added a journal in biodata section; noting down some of the stuff on my mind occasionally.
finally done wif the in action section in biodata...some pix incuded. plus added pix to friends ---> tranxit --->BBQ. Plus thanx for voting...looks like its Final Fantasy for chrismas.
[07-12-01] a totally new and inspiring biodata page plus new intro.
[05-12-01] did a bit of twiddling for better presentation + samuraix faces page, samurai x fights page and added a works link on the menu (left side) + friends --->260 up.
[29-11-01] added a samuraix OVA page. click link in anime/comic news.
[28-11-01] finally links page is up, but still looking for more prospective sites. plus added works02...enjoy!
[27-11-01] added --->biodata ---> works01....for any lara croft and DG fans out there.
[25-11-01] added --->friends ---> Raya'00
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[19-12-01] those expecting to see a finale to the movie would be sorely disappointed. expect a half movie and this will blow your mind. anyway the evil lord "sauron" is unbelievable. catch Lord of the Rings soon!
pixar studios always produce a masterpiece and Monsters Inc was no exeption. while the animation was great, the story was hilarious...the loud, fast mouth mike really is a sarcastic SOB. i loved the strory presentation where what if there is another world kinda thingy from kids point of view. very satisfied!
[24-11-01] wow! Harry potter was good. the visual effects are well done with a touch of dark ages scenario. the effects--->a magical fantasy, without the high-tech computer graphix feel to it...marvelous i tell ya. should catch it asap.
::latest anime/comic


[05-12-01] added a samuraix pages --->click left.
[29-11-01] added a ruronin kenshin OVA page --->click button left.
[28-11-01] added works. own graphix of dangergirl & laracroft.
[25-11-01] blood : the last vampire. about a young girl who is the last of the original vampire breed. now she hunts other vampires that look like aliens to me. the graphix are nice, but story lacks punch. i plan to get vampire hunter it any good? msg me your comments.
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[04-01-02] after a month of polling, the most anticipated event is the capture of Osama Bin Laden.
an annual family/relatives visiting that begins with shaking everyone's hands until ya get dizzy and ending with a frantic rush to the toilet once home. lovely i tell ya.
goddamnit! its finally over, now i can carry on with my life after a month stalling. Papers were bad, last one was soo terrible that some answers were not in the guidebook.
NurL - just wanna say a big happy birthday to the 22 year old kid. hopefully ya get lots of wonderful presents and plus plus.... oh friends--->260 page up. there are some pix of ya there.


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NurL - advising committee.
Raden - software support contingent.
Acit - responding to call for graphic support [K-BBQ]
Zaki - resources support company.
Hamza - F.E exposure department.
Zahrin - 260 information and intelligence.
AXN - all the Japanese animation.
 :: site history
the original site was created sometime in '96 during me poly first-year. nuttin' spectacular, just a cluster of links, a babe site and a guestbook[provided by alamak]. i'd like to thank everyone for showing their support in my guestbook. then as the years went by, the guestbook was lost forever due to server problems.
added 3 sites in '99---> r + j, kramer and midis. 2 of these sites are still standing but i took down the midi site in '00. unless there are request for the site, it probably will never be seen again.
given the title -beach house via front door- the site has managed to attract more than 5 thousand visitors which good enough for this unadvertised site. the counter was reset 3 times in its service to the site. i decide not to put a counter anymore.

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