Thursday, September 11, 2003
talk me to sleep
went to IPAM yesterday for excel convention, attended the morning
session. oh, how i wished i brought along my pillow. the presenter
was like lost in his own world of statistics and charts while i was lost
to the lightbulb on the ceiling. if i never knew what boring means,
rest assured that i've just been only consolation was
- they gave out niffy door gifts (steel water bottle) nice!

went to Central plaza(i think) today for a scheduled NETS training.
*sigh!* it can only mean added duties/responsibities. lets do a recount
- reception, paper admin, maintenence, inventory storekeeper, phone
operator, seminal houseman, first aider, cleaning inspector and now
cashier. hmmm, next week go leavelah!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
i wanna be a librarian
well, not actually. but as i was wondering ard in
the library this afternoon *yes, i do go to the library*
i noticed how calm and relaxed the library staff
were as they pushed their lil trolleys ard the compound.
hahaha! well, with the cries and laughters of children in
the background *teachers day* i do wonder how they
can maintain their state of zen-ness. must have been
practising all week for such occasions eh. hehehe.

anyway, most prob i'll be holding off putting out a new
layout until i find a suitable host other then pop-up land
tripod. with the double impact of both banner and pop ups,
thats just too much for me to tolerate.

saw pirates of the caribbean satnite. very nice.
johnny depp placed his part nicely. go watch it.

chalet 1 sep to 5 sep 2003 - gaming chalet.