Saturday, July 26, 2003
results are in
wohoo! finally received a letter telling me that
my RTT worries are over. now i can resume with
the bike practicals.

i went to jurong west during long lunch looking for
jurong point shopping centre. to my suprise, its not
there. *hehehe* never went there by train before
you see, so its quite shocking. *sigh*

friday nite went blading at ECP with acit and baloo.
wow! very refreshing. stopped a while at bedok jetty to
view a bunch of bladers doing jump stunts followed by
various braking techniques. super neato!
then poceed on in tanjong rhu direction, when i
stumbled at high speed. aiyoh!! landed on me right leg,
scrapped along the asphalt. oooooh! teaches me a lesson
on the importance of safety gears. then sat down at mac
until 11.30pm before heading home in agony.

Friday, July 25, 2003
tomb raiding today
come back from ipam, straight to TM.
it is the opening day for "tomb raider"
cradle of life. me wasnt expecting much,
since reloaded, CA2 and X2 kinda benchmarked
the whole action adventure theme. but
fret not, although the action is not up to par,
but the story is balanced enuff.

the themes used in movies are very understandable
and predictable nowadays, its like we've seen
everything now. Even in TR, when lara cut herself
for no apparent reason, i already knew that shes gonna
do some shark hitchiking stunt. maybe its discovery
channel that is too blame. hmmm, thats besides the point.

anyway the anti-climax at the end was kinda too much for
me. when given a choice to choose between the sensual
lady croft and a box thats gonna cause biblical destruction,
he made a very unpopular choice. what a dodo!!

Sunday, July 20, 2003
Friday was Innovation Market Day for PMO.
spent the whole day at IPAM showcasing
the new aloha online system. it was a break
away from the normal office routine, goood!

anyway, me job was the walking advertisement.
armed with a, stand out from far signboard, me
need lil effort to bring in the crowd to our booth.
its very embarassing actually, something that try
as me might, me face can't hide. sooo red! aiyoh!

yesterday nite at 3am went bowling@ECP. lucky
it was quite deserted. it was late, i was sleepy, my
mind was out of focus....most of em end up in the
"longkang" or whatever ya call it in english. hahaha!

today went over to zamomo place, theres was an
eating invite. he wanted to call lyn up but since her
hp was not with her, there aint much that we can do.
[NOTE :: sorry lyn, u never gave us ur alternate number]

damn, 3/4 of my off day gone...slept through the whole
day. thankfully zamomo called to remind me of his invite,
or else i might still be snoring away.

Thursday, July 17, 2003
lucky tixx
what a joyous day!!
didnt start out well but ended good enuff.
started with a misunderstanding of which
MRT station to wait at, so ended with one at
Tampines the other at Bedok. cockup!!

then lunch time, scouted a good sling bag at
Penin, bargained the price down and decided
to have lunch first before buying do i dun have
to carry it all the way. but when i came back later,
shop was closed, owner out for lunch. bangballs!!

then checked email, i won NDP tixx after balloting.
it was a broadcast mail so everyone knew. aiyoh!!
headache, only got 3 tixx, so many ppl volunteering
themselves to follow. owner haven't got chance to say.
when i took the tixx, i noticed all eyes looking at my
green sector tixx!! i hugged the tixx. hahaha!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
a new love
at first i wasn't sure bout it...
i kept on looking and looking for a perfect one.
one in particular did catch my attention.
i began the flirt a bit, touching, stroking
at times even outright staring.
ppl began to look at me, thinking that i'm up
to no good. (i assure you my innocence)
at the end of the day, i took a deep breath,
step up to the lady and ask her,
"can you get me that pair of rollerblades?"
i brought my love home and we've been seen
at east coast, pasir ris since. the end.

Saturday, July 12, 2003
riding theory test
took me RTT just now, hopeful i dun have to
retake. i have a tendency of doing things twice.
the invigilator was very Hot!!! such a sweet smile.
makes me blush...hahahah!! overheard her saying
wanting to bite someone...if only it was me. haha!

ok back on track...saw T3 yesterday, it was quite
good. i expected less from the 3rd sequel, in terms
of benchmarking action flick (reloaded topped that one)
and also arnie's screen performance as hes old now.
but to my suprise they did have some tricks up their
sleeves. the story was simple, straight to the point...
the reason for this sequel was same as T2. protect
john connor and his wife. ahhh, such simplicity.

a note to point out : TX plasma in hand weapon
looked like a direct rip-off of Trigun anime series.
the way it transformed, the power and shape was
uncanningly similar...hmmm! coincidence? i think not.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
sat night was good clean fun. hadn't been out
late for quite a while now. ended up at newton
for supper (mutton chop)... not too appealing.
[NOTE : Lyna, better luck next time. hahaha]

so the aftermath, sun morning, overslept for cdc.
evening, went to peninsular. not quite sure what
happened, but ended up buying drawstrings pants,
engineered jeans, blades. initially, i just wanted to
look shoes...hmmm, something for me to ponder on.

but whats done is done. a bit overdone actually, so
the accounts balancing act begins. did some blading
(total beginner). i can go fast but i cant brake properly
thus the resulting elbow scrathes and palm bruises.
now all i need are some protective gears. *sigh*
anyone selling em cheap??? pls call me.
(i realize that i can spawn the M1 add here)

Wednesday, July 02, 2003
anime watching
been watching anime vandread these past few days.
its very good actually plus loads of lovely ladies.
the whole week had been hectic so far;
repositioning of some machina. (fax n copier)
condenmination procedures.
store movement.
inventory paperworks.

ahhh, and they all say working in a chalet
must be soo relaxing *sigh*

noticed blogger got a new look. hope everything still
runs smoothly.