Friday, November 08, 2002
me completed me course safe and sound. got a cert at the end of it...wohoo!

me coursemate came to me and said, "lets go". me assumed he was inviting me to afternoon time prayers in IPAM, which me said politely, "you go ahead first, i got plans first." me meaning it as you go first, me got something to do now. lil to my conscious mind that me know that he was actually inviting me to go to the mosque for friday prayers.
me had completely forgotten the days (since Fridays is a busy day at work, never had the chance to attend) and it didn't even cross me mind that it was a Friday......doh!!

imagine what he was thinking, when me replied, "you go ahead first, i've got plans."
*sigh* kerana mulut, image binasa.

Thursday, November 07, 2002
so me day begins at buena vista;
me supposed to go to IPAM but since its me first time, me was very cautious not to get lost. me saw someone holding their PS card, me assume he was heading me direction so me tail him .... halfway through he vanished outta sight. now me a lil lost. backtrack to the MRT station and looked at the map, saw the civil servant college but cannot get me bearings. now me scratching me head, perfume smell evaporated, coolness gone...shirt wet! goddamn it, me running late...
last resort, call back office...ask for directions.

moral of the story :: ask for directions only when you're late.

running a lil flu that became worse by afternoon, head hurts, sniffing continuously, sore throat. me just hate this! if me was in the office most prob me get an M.C. but since its me first course...was a bit more on the ball. still gotto go again tomorrow*sigh*

[NOTE] exchanged timesplitters 2.

sponsored by Nike ACG and Trail

first day of fasting has gone by. still lots more to go.

1/2 day, bought 2 new games. NFS hot pursuit 2 and timesplitters. timesplitters faulty though, goddamn it.

got time added some new pixx in the pixx section. add more input next time, got some site maintenace to do.

Monday, November 04, 2002
me working today... not too fair ain't it. its a holiday damn it.

been meaning to update since saturday, but some unplanned occurrence deterred my efforts.
saturday was a wild nite .... nothing illegal of course, not to me anyway. all in all, i crashed until sun evening.
wanted to use the computer then but seems to be over ruled by my brother .... dun wanna get into a needless argument anyway, so me just settled for the PS2.

just wanna have a shoutout here - happy belated bday to diva, many happy wishes for you.

something from sat nite;
translated into english...
cross dresser :: bruder, can help me?? i want to vomit, can send me home?
unnamed friend :: huuh! go take taxilah.
cross dresser :: bruder, remember .... u give some, u get some.
unnamed friend :: thanks.
cross dresser :: (poses and buldge her fake boobs) take a look, not power iz it?!!
and continues to grab his/her crotch and shouts micheal jackson's woooo!!

-and this is just 30mins of an eventful saturday nite-