Thursday, October 31, 2002
close open close open (eyes) --- wednesday already. time is ticking and i'm not having enuff of it.

recap:: monday
morning - hectic(check out)
afternoon - swarmed with paperwork(preparation)
late afternoon - sweating like a pig(replenishment)
evening - hectic(check out)
reason -- understaffed!!!

recap:: tuesday
highlight of the day - swimming after work. its been a while since i last dipped my toes into the pool.

my bean bag arrived. now i can like sink into the bag and play my PS2 in my self decorated store. if only i can find the time to do it. will update on how the PVC feels like touching my skin in a dark, clusterphobic, badly ventilated store soon. sounds sooo inviting.

Sunday, October 27, 2002
sun afternoon.*yawns*
i slept like a baby (drool n all).

had two gals come over with late-late lunch in the office yesterday. chips, juice, sushi .... i'm filled to the brim.*thanks for the food* ever so greatful.

later in the nite headed down to tampines 260 area (sharil's wedding eve), met lots of old pals from TP and 260 court. overwhelming know the kind of feeling when you grab each others hands and grip em tight while patting each others shoulders uncontrollably (think straight), that passionate. it's been years since i've seen some of em. ppl whom i shared important moments in life with. its good to see em all.

nurl arrived a bit later - first time she surpassed the 11PM barrier with me in all the years i've known her.... cool!
had supper at Tamp A&W before going home early in the morning. great day.