Saturday, October 26, 2002
The week went by like a blur......
Seems like just yesterday, i saw a man in the pool with an umbrella.
Saturday...what a drag, have to work.
Baloo already hint hint bout some halloween party *thinking bout it*

just want to do some taste comparison. no sponsored ad whatsoever.
But BK's scrambled egg platter meal beats the hell outta MacDonos meals.

i have to try and curb some work emotional stuff outta the blog as some staff have found my site out. but rest assured that the funny moment will forever be caught on the web....until tripod terminates me of course.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
today is the debut of smallville (superman) drama series. hope it can live up to the hype, especially since its replacing CSI.

on another note altogether; today is my half day. wohoo! going shopping in town.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
i've seen it happen a few times, but i still don't get it. the rational of it. i'm saying in my head, "what are they thinking!!" you're not sure whether to laugh or shoo them away from the pool. - people swimming in the pool, in the rain and using umbrella at the same time. Were they saying - i don't want to get wet. Hallooo!

The good - scrubs was hilarious (ally mcbeal meets E.R)
The bad - half an hour is too short.
The ugly - old guy without clothes.

Sunday, October 20, 2002
its been soo long since i last wrote. i'm starting to feel awkward trying to use the html codes...damn!! sure am rusty.
Like i said before, work is murder!! anyway, just wanna express how i felt in the past few weeks ..... shagged out.
the good news is that we've got interns (not Clinton type) to help around the resort for the next few months. Wohoo!!

hopefully(cross fingers) i can get back to biznez and spend all me free time doing what i love best .... webdesigning!!
will be posting up some pixx in the next few days.