Sunday, June 23, 2002
17/06 :: had a suprise BDay (oreo) cake at work. very thankful to everyone especially Eve, Meiqi & Zamomo. thanx lots and lots. i was grining like ronald macdonald all day long after that.

18/06 :: me BDay! expected to be in camp for reservist day one but found out that its meant for advance party only. (heng!!) extra one day out. spent day shopping for army equipments before dinner at Eatz 19 - opp shaw building. (if ya thought that the garlic bread was too little, wait till ya see the dessert)

19/06 - 22/06 :: i did - up the hill, down the hill....any sweat? no sweat! ...chicken feet, ahh ahh (whatever the army tells me to)

23/06 :: out-processing. battallion celebrated my BDay, CO give present, awarded platoon best, OC give starbucks voucher. felt like a dream.