Saturday, June 15, 2002
very long and busy friday. had loads of stuff to do. so basically, i'm pooped.
but this is a good thing, i'm glad that i'm soo pre-occupied that i don't have to think bout anything else. lets not get into that. now my main aim is to prepare my army gear for my coming in-camp training*1 whole week!!* i got like three days left to settle things. but before i log off for the day, just wanna record an unreasonable story.

yesterday; someone came into the office and reported that their coins got stuck in the machine. upon asking which machine was that so we could record it, he was became very upset, saying we can't expect him to know what machine he was playing, he doesn't know the model no, serial no. all this when we politely asked for the machine that his coin was stuck in? why so defensive, i'll never know. well, whatever gets them on, i guess.

a pixx of the office. meiqi and me