Saturday, June 08, 2002
i received a call :- (irritating one)
we talked then,
caller :: if i cannot check out personally, can someone else check out for me?
me :: sure miss, not a problem.
caller :: and then do i need to be present?
*what the hell!!*
we continued then,
me :: so make sure you send someone you trust to do the checking out for you.
caller :: ohh yes, of course. but then i'll be paying by cheque, how then?
me :: you can pass the cheque to your friend and he'll write in the amount for you.
caller :: you mean give him a blank cheque!? crazy! i don't trust.
caller :: so how will i know that the charges that you record will be the same as stated on the receipt that i'll receive later??
me :: (puzzled) but your friend will be there to witness the charges.
caller :: yes but you people can change the chargers later what!
*and now he's ACCUSING the management*

and the best thing is that, her stay period is not till August. what nonsense was that!!

Friday, June 07, 2002
a pixx of the past chalet, a bit on the blurred side. but nonetheless, its still a pixx.
(all thanx goes to farhana)

Wednesday, June 05, 2002
finally! help have arrived, and not a moment too soon. *sigh of relief*
lets recap the event of tuesday, treasure hunt:- very good response, we had six teams. unfortunately one of the teams consist of a pri 3, 2, 1 child which means that they cannot solve most of the puzzles. i feel very bad for them. whats more, i pasted some of the clues in places that a 1.2metre kid would find it too high for their liking. so since the organisers did not put an age limit to the hunt, we just let them in. i followed them halfway, but have to leave em as i had other matters to attend to plus, i'm too pooped running around in the sun. to cut the story short...i feel guilty for when they lost.
ok then come to wednesday, no participants wanna join the water telematches. seem like a dead crowd to me, quite and calm not what its supposed to be for a june holiday. well, very disappointed. plus an added misery: portugal lost to US!! what the hell!
note:: bought a new pair of goggles, finally i have something to call my own.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002
it's been quite a week.
firstly, we are short-handed, and yes there is an opening at the chalet. interested? chatterbox it to me.
so why are we short-handed?
its the culprit of june holiday events. the holiday season is upon us and so is extra workload.
eventually: i come to realize that the activities we organise are quite fun and widely supported by our guest. the downside is that its taking its toll on me. i'm all pooped out *see last blog date* nonetheless, i aim to make the chalet experience(those lucky enough to get a june slot) an unforgettable one. let me put the events in my preference, most fun to least fun, although all are fun - water telematch, treasure hunt and soccer challenge (freekick), my most hatred being the song dedication segment. i hate to hear my voice over the air.
anyway, tomorrow i'll be welcoming four extra hands (two ppl) into the management. thats good news. the bad news is that, both not girl. *can't i get a break!* well till next me blog.