Tuesday, May 21, 2002
let me relate to you my misadventures of the day...
firstly, early in the morning, i missed my transport thus ended up sweating a whole lot as i walk in from pasir ris...and work have not even start yet. then while checking out the tenants i met a unit which someone actually placed their ferraro roche on the egg trays, i was like wow! this is a fun way of keeping em. after all the units have been cleared (we call it tenant-free) one of the cleaners reported to us that a tenant stole 20+kg worth of mangoes from the trees. darn it!! those are mine.
ok anyway, later in the afternoon the gardener came running to the office to report that a snake jumped at him. we cornered the lil' bugger and they started to whack the poor fellow. the final blow was a stomp to the head(ouch!!). it looked good as a belt, but with its guts hanging from its battered body, i'd rather not try it on.
then later in the evening i got a lecture from the guards for telling them something that they claimed they do not know how to do. if ya gonna tell me you don't know, thats need the lecture rite. pissing me off.
after hooking up a gas cylinder to a tenants stove, they immediately press the spark button....since all the burners were on to full blast, i got the shock of my life as i see a fireball of flames come screaming to my face. (checked my eyebrows).....i'm fine. thats all that matters. educate them a bit on how to use the stove and showed them that the indicator at big flame does not mean stove off *duh!* anyway, after some theaterical moments in the toilet (was showering when transport came) so basically it was like a video on fast forward.......finally i'm home. and guess what i still owe some spooky stories. well maybe tomorrow. bye!