Saturday, May 18, 2002
a whole week of fun and laughter. last monday till friday was a blur.
monday was full of anticipation which ended in a bus-ride home wif maisara after "friends" on TV...yes, unfortunately had to miss "Alias" for that.
tuesday was a work and play day and me being the chipsmore cookie,"now you see him, now you don't." still after work my holiday begins...some lovely company by the poolside made the stay even more worthwhile.*(note: nasir duk dalam jacuzzi lama tapi tak tau on the thing.)
wednesday is BBQ nite...(skip the details)
thursday, see people leaving...and lastly leaving only 4 people behind for the friday checkout. arrrgh, can't believe that its over.
me will share all the spoooky stories in times to come, yes there are incidents to report. tune in next time.