Saturday, May 11, 2002
i met with some strange demands in the past week.
i got a complain that suggested the keys given could not open the door. so i went all the way to the unit and asked her what keys did she use?? she said all. then i told her whch keys open what door....there were only 4 keys mind you. when i showed her the key to the room, she said.."ohh, i didn't try that."(nuff said)
i even got a complain bout a TV remote that is spoilt. apparently they pressed the remote but to no avail..the TV just won't turn on. I came to their unit, switched on the power to the TV, turn it on and pressed the remote.....viola!!(what the hell?)

today i also caught a glimpse of me ex at TM. haven't seen her for more that 5 years...didn't actually meet face to face nor eye to eye...still lots have changed since 18years old. well, its nice to see her although she didn't see me.(nostalgic song)