Monday, April 08, 2002
coincidence at work...........
it was 7.15pm, i was told that a unit that i previously checked on had a room toilet light on. i on the other hand, am confident that i switched off all the lights to the unit. So i asked a partner along to check it out (*takut*). so upon arrival i saw a room toilet light on... no biggie(big deal) i just went in and switched it off. then as i was leaving, me partner bicycle chain came off....thus he cursed away as he had to dirty his hands.
then i decided to cycle by the side of the unit, only to discover another toilet light still on. now more tense then ever, we re-entered the unit to switch it off. feeling spooked, we made it out of there hastily.
then i decided to check out the back to the unit just in case....true enough there is another light still on. now i'm nervous......still there is job to be done. so i took out a set of keys and unlocked the sliding doors from the back, entered and tried to open the room that the toilet was in but to no avail. thats when i realized that i was holding the wrong set of keys when i entered from the back (*but how come i could open the backdoor, i will never understand*) so i took out the correct set and opened the door, only to be welcomed by a slightly moving, half ajar toilet door that is lit in a dark room...that sure made my heart skip a beat. quickly got it over with and returned to the office safe and sound.*phewwww!* what to do?? job hazard.