Saturday, April 06, 2002
i had an awful realization this morning, while dressing up in my NS uniform...
the buttons of my army slacks won't meet the holes....
*they must have shrunk since i last worn em last year* nuff said.(in denial)

To reach Nee Soon camp for IPPT trial by 7am...reached there 745am, a bit late only what?!
went for my 2.4km run......there were uphills/ downhills/ left-turns/ right-turns/ speed humps
........conclusion failed! luckily it was not the real thing. better start training up soon.

Thursday, April 04, 2002
finally, i can jote something down.
the holiday seasons are times of joy but for me its a battle to who has the rights to the PC. being the patient, tolerant, giving in type of person that i am, i missed out on all the PC action cum Sat, Sun....and thats half the reason why thers no entry lately. the other half is divided into cannot get through to the blogger site[god knows why] and too tired to think. ok then,

start out wif got the spooks during me rounds around the compound at dusk...when everything is grey and the shadows start playing tricks on you. i shan't elaborate but it involves a bedroom toilet, lights and phone ringing, and i'm gonna leave it at that.

tuesday, was gudddd....the day ended with a swim, jacuzzi and Blade 2 .... the bummer; missed Buffy. supply was overflowing.*special thanxx to Jill* for all those Baker Inn pastries that i got to lay my hands on. [a gross fact]:-blueberries don't get digested in your tummy....some escaped somehow and was reproduced intact and blue during errrrr.....reflection in between meals.
ok then....bedtime for me.