Friday, March 29, 2002
Today is good friday......what a lovely friday, coz i finally can get an off day.
Seems like my FOC lunch and dinner is being streched throughout the week...yesterday, i had stingray for lunch and dinner...(leftovers from tenants that didn't manage to BBQ em the nite before....2 plastic bag worth of stingray)*burp!!* really love this work. trying to hold the gases within from bursting out while hitching a ride in a car of 5 ppl. *stressed, cold sweats*

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
i went to HQ today to sign my agreement letter for the job...after signing the papers i stepped out of the office to find people inviting me to join em for a buffet lunch (they were having a welcoming in new commitee lunch) so saved 5 bucks for lunch. was a lil late coming out of the office as i realized that the crab balls were all swiped clean*damn*. after meeting the staff in our department, it's back to the resort(*hint no.4*)
Dinner was foc too. one of the tenants (me 260 pal) invited me over for food is the best food. saved another 5 bucks. all in all i profited from the day.
Nite time highlights...buffy. whata cliffhanger they left us wif...glory finally knows that dawn is the key. can't wait till next week.