Saturday, March 23, 2002
wow! my first day off since i started working....bout 13 days ago. finally i can kick back and relax and enjoy the swarming of overdue projects.(lose-lose situation) but alas i can get things done. Yesterday, i had a first dose of the chalet swimming pool...refreshing!! afternoon and only i realize how daring malay girls are...well some of em anyway, but i ain't complaining. but thats not the point...the point is i had a wonderful swim...and thats the botttom line coz stone cold says so.

i saw ice age thurday evening....hilarious i tell ya. i didn't actually catch that furry prehistoric squirrel's name...but he's like a coackroach (he's everywhere) anyway, thats like a side story to the whole movie. great effort from 20th century fox.

Thursday, March 21, 2002
day in day out day in day out..........and its a wednesday, well technically its already thursday.
my entry for the day::
imagine this....i was checking a chalet(hint no #2) that is vacant as the occupants just left an hour ago. i looked around and saw some left over food that they left...i went to check on the rooms on the second storey. as i opened the door, i heard a noise from the toilet in the room.......well, thats the end of my inspection for that particular building. no need to explain what comes next. but the thing is, i left some stuff there and have to retrieve them tomorrow.....hmmm, maybe i call in sick and tell someone else to get the stuff. that sounds like a plan, we'll see.
........logging off.

Sunday, March 17, 2002
today's a Sunday and still no off day from work yet...this is quite intense. Damn i'm pooped!
anyways, i met hamza just now and he's telling me not to put up these daily entries bout myself, (quote)"who's gonna read em?" (unquote). well, what can i say....its a dairy/journal....then if i don't write about me and what i feel, whats the point of having a dairy. anyway he suggested that i put links to news headlines...(huh!) what the hell?! *kalau nak baca news boleh beli surat khabar apa* now even free news are available everywhere. the site is like how it is, because i customized it to be personal and focused on me and my world...give and take a few details. and thats the bottom line coz stone cold says so!

17th March....Wrestlemania 18 in toronto. *whatcha gonna do rock, when hulkamania runs wild on you.*