Wednesday, March 13, 2002
2nd day at work and i had to do purchase order/ fish out of water. but other then that, it was a lovely sunny day by the beach(hint no1).
I saw buffy...very tear jerking(cannot stand to see girls wailing-too soft hearted). but the thought of what she's going through is constantly on my mind. i too fear such a day where i will oversee and be solely responsible for all family matters, it's scary. well better not think bout that...i'll lose sleep over it.
[*NOTE to self::grandparents visited today]

Monday, March 11, 2002
sunday was sharifah's wedding. it was a massive turnout on our part...everything looked lovely. though the bride looked tense....very awkward i guess, first one among us all. wishing her a happy and joyous marriage.

today was my first day at work. it's just a temp post...well as long as it keeps the money rolling...i'll do it. maybe i'll reveal me work scope in the coming days....currently, too tired to continue blogging. signing off fer now.