Saturday, March 02, 2002
i went to a job fair at Jalan Besar CC with tranxit today. it was packed to the max, with cameraman everywhere...(hmmm, maybe i'm on the news) anyway...this sales manager talked to us bout becoming a sales rep. it was very informative but it'd be less distracting if he had less lady sales person in his booth (come to think of it, why he was the one that talked to us). made our way out of there bout 1 hrs later and had dinner at jln kledek...(sabah menanti) i thought it was a funny name.
met up with zamomo's ehemm before making our way to Bugis Junction, naz bought a new discman[loaded!!] ...then off to class for me.

Thursday, February 28, 2002
went to TP just!! not to look at girls during the Joint Admission Ex. instead i went for a mission, to be a witness in the signing of a will...a graded project for NurL. as always i'm glad to be of service. wanted to do some updates to the site but tripod seems to have some server errors, so i'll postpone any updates until furthur notice.

a very tiring day today, compared to all my other lazy days....went to set up internet connection for my aunt, before that can happen...modem is needed, modem three way plug...then no telephone line extension wire...see where the sweat comes from? anyway, got a nice gesture *if ya know what i mean* for all the troubles. well, be blooging again tomorrow, hopefully, if i'm still here.