Friday, February 22, 2002
went to Temasek Poly open house was quite eventful to say the least. i even caught a glimpse of a project so wonderful that it exist as a invisible item on the table with only a cardboard to explain its functions. i waved my hand through where the item was supposed to be, but i don't feel was that good. *sarcasm switch needed* don't see the reason why anyone should be there watching over the "invisible" project. *hehehe*
Later went to coffee bean tampines (don't actually like to go there) but go with the flow. then the unthinkable happen...syam (face below) spill water all over my pants.....(dah macam kencing dlm seluar) head home after that incident.
[malay version] ---> semalam kat TP gerek....kat coffee bean, bingit siak!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
just went for an interview in the morning. it was ok, i guess. but quite was advertised as a full-time/temp doing admin, maintainence duties but during the interview i was told that i might be asked to organise functions, do a total inventory check on the facilities, and sometimes housekeeping duties too. hmmmmm, that sure seems like a lot of work for a temp to handle.
anyway, anyhow...just developed some pixx from me here they are.

some HR 02 pixx of family

tranxit guys, pixx taken in my room

Monday, February 18, 2002
i saw "city of angel" yesterday on "channel 5"... there was a question that the black angel[forgot the name] asked 'seth' after he gave up eternity, immortality, invisibility for one moment of pleasure and joy followed by a broken heart. He asked seth if he knew how things we gonna turn out...would he still have done it (become a fallen angel). [with the fakest line ever] he said yes!....sure or not!! anyway...thats supposed to be the moral of the story. better an angel with a broken heart rather than a lonely guy with broken wings.