Thursday, February 14, 2002
the whole day just rained away, it was like the wind and clouds playing police and theif all over singapore. the rain was like "biskut chipsmore-sekejap ada sekejap takde" ...still acit, din and me braved the rains and together with our companions set out for sentosa. it was fun although the expected turnout was supposed to be well over 10 ppl but ended with 6 instead [rather not elaborate on that]. there were some unsightly moments when some banglas started dancing on platforms in the middle of the lagoon, wearing underwear, brown underwear...see where i'm going with this. almost vomit blood. packed things up by seven and came back east-side to have dinner at Ridwan-Bedok. it was like a spotlight directed at us when we got there...everyone turned and stared. naturally i do what come naturally...check my zipper. but then i realized, they were staring at the girls....hmmm, how uncivilized.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
its chinese new year....all the shops and hangouts are closed, singapore is practically dead. and i'll be bored to death hanging out at home with no chance to use the CPU coz by morning my bro would be in and hogging it. these are the moments that i wished that i had a PS2 or something new. anyone free out there??

Sunday, February 10, 2002
caught shallow hal yesterday......hilarious show. its a fun show...someone in the theater brought along their like 5-6 year old child in, they sure had some explaining to do when gwen took off her clothes. fortunately they were nowhere near me...quite distracting. anyway, recommand this one for all. plus a picture after badminton session.

after stop, kg. chai chee.