Friday, February 08, 2002
yesterday was great..huge turnout at the tampines sports hall where we played a bit of badminton[looks like this is our official sport] after that was even better...dinner at "Kampung Chai Chee" tampines telepark...wonderful "kway teow sambal seafood"...thumbs up! i realized that the lychee drink also varies in taste from time to time....the honeydew juice wasn't so sweet either. anyway all in all enjoyable meal!
today actually thought of going to catch "shallow hal" but since somebody eat too slowly[don't want point finger] we missed the show timing...better luck next time.

Monday, February 04, 2002
i was out cold for a week...just got up only*nah! just kidding* truth is...i've been lazy, yup, just plain lazy...cut myself some slack...couch potatoing for a week. Well now i'm back! caught "Asian MTV awards" just now..was good and all but filled with no show disappointing.
Other than that, my waistline just up 1' inch...tomorrow must jog! zzzzzzzzzz