Sunday, January 27, 2002
yesterday was fun, fun, fun.
started out with supper with some campmates at 12mn, then when they left i joined up with tranxit on the opposite coffee shop. then the adventure starts::
went to the old changi hospital[abandoned, torn-down] somewhere in changi. initially there were loads of people, we waited by the side...people came and people went...soon there were only us and few others. then we made our way in. there was this chinese couple who also wanted to go into the building which upclose looked like a building out of "scream test", so they asked if they could tag problem there. everything looked fine as in a dark and eerie manner, then i heard thumping sounds upfront...the chinese girl was already schocked so i moved upfront to see the problem...ohhhhh, there was this thing head to thigh covered in white cloth hopping around in pitch darkness, like a "pocong" [malay creatures of the nite]. unfortunately for it, the first thing i noticed was the jeans he's wearing.."haha!" scary attempt, foiled! thats when i decided to scare some explorers on my own.
the score is 3-0...three different individual, got their hearts in their mouths for a moment. the best one was on the roof. there was this opening to the roof but you have to climb a ladder up to get when i heard some people making their way up the ladder, i quickly lay down next to the opening to the roof and upon the first head up i just said, "huh!"...........never have i seen someone dodge his head faster and scream like a girl.....hahahaha! hilarious.
Anyway soon after that headed to changi village, 4.30am then, saw some cross-dressers.....accidentally saw some boobies.......ate supper the head home. *ezam got a number there - not from a girl*