Saturday, December 15, 2001
today there's anime cosplay convention at SUNTEC..
admin fees $9....i really wanna go. let me think about this.

tripod still not letting me in.
last evening, went to takashimaya
konikuniya...lots of manga free for browsing...very good!!

one irritating thing was this group of boys in their teens;
i was in the bus, and they were very rowdy and started to
pick on couples in the add insult to embarrassment,
they even went on to say they were not proudly.
well its a public bus...but doesn't mean that they can cause a nuisance.

Friday, December 14, 2001
finally got my hair snip.
When hunting for SAMURAIX OVA II but it does not seem to be available.
Saw Vampire Hunter D special edition DVD but was in chinese.*Damnit!!*
Its getting harder and harder to find quality japanese animation nowadays.
oh well.

Tripod gave me problems as i could not log in to update me pages nor
view my site...what a drag!
well hopefully more of my tranxit buds join in this blogger thingy.
until later.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2001
it just started to rain...i'm feeling lazy.
there goes a whole day.
maybe i'll go for a haircut a nite.

looks like i have to dine out again.
what will it be today?
or maybe Mee Maggie...
tough choice!

finally!! managed to get rid of that damn ugly
sponsor banner!!
I feel like chicken tonite
like chicken tonite

dine out...beach rd.
then went to geylang for the first time this month.
just wanna have a look at the bazaar this year.
same as every year......stuffy, crowded and congested.
Then went to Starbucks tampines....finally went off after the
cleaners demanded the chairs to be taken away*bummer*
Then realized there's WWFSurvivor Seires*damn*
Went riding with Tranxit and finally came back at 4.30am
Just nice before stuffin meself before the next day fasting.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
there seems to be a lot of staring whenever i go out with NurL
*whats up with that?*
why can't everyone just let it be.
you know whats disgusting??
when you can tell that someone
is having perverted thoughts by staring at ya.
its sooo sick....imagine if i would do that to their sisters.

Monday, December 10, 2001
hmmm......the banner sure is ugly
i dun wanna pay, and i dun want it around.

what sould i do??hmmmm

spend whole nite reconfiguring the website.
i'm tired...shoud i Lo or should i not??
maybe just a while....