- History of BBQs -

Left :: Impatient!! Before food was served.

Right :: Happy!! Once food was served


Left :: Playful at the playground as we let the food settle down.

Right :: Sleepy as we were tired of playing ... but there is no time for sleep yet.


Left :: Up in the tree late at nite. Luckily there is no uninvited guess.

Right :: Accidental killing of a baby cobra while packing up in the morning. 


changi bye

Place :: Changi beach playground, slide. We sat on it to take this picture only to later find out that someone peed on the damn thing. It was a marvelous BBQ, really enjoyed ourselves. Considering that this was our first year together, everything went smoothly.



Left :: BBQ at Pasir Ris NTUC resort. This time round, we booked a chalet.

Right :: The cooks responsible for the charcoal chicken wings, bloated hotdogs and burnt corn.



Left :: A rush to reserve a place to sleep on ... as you know, there is 2 beds and 10 people sleeping over.

Right :: A photo moment before some guests goes off.


- more pix -