1st Singapore Infantry Regiment

Left to right :: haleq, me, hamzah, adha.
Picture was taken in a Taiwan military barrack during one of our overseas training. I'm still figuring out why we look happy. One complain here, restriction of food source.


In the midst of navigational exercise in Taiwan. Its a bright day, no rain for days, but still we are wet. Fiuh! they really made me work for my dollars.


Camouflaged men in green. Am i in the picture? What do you thing? Taken just before exercise highnoon. Damn! another few days without bathing. Names in no order whatsoever; me, shaleem, hamzah, haleq, adha , bob.


Feel worse than i look. What am i doing in a hole? Firstly, that hole is a shellscrape and my home for one and a half day. You should try sitting in it at 12noon. Eggs would have fried on my helmet. Still, duty comes first, by the way picture was taken when i was off duty ok.


Covered in mud up to the chest, wondering why ... it's called trench digging. Luckily my trench comes with a great view of Taiwan's landscape. Marvelous ain't it. Whats more marvelous was the announcement of endex few minutes after this picture was taken.


Alpha company, platoon one. A shared moment of relief and joy after exercise highnoon ... three days r'n'r then back to Singapore ... wohoo!

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