- court 260 -

:: chalet :: aloha loyang :. poolside

unfortunately, no kids friendly photos of the chalet events are available so the next best thing of the aloha experience would be the pool.
above leftt:: zul, f.e, fahmi, farhan, yus .... above right:: plus zahrin .... below left:: plus murad!!

Hopefully more friendly pix next year.

:: hari raya 2000 :: collection
the time of year where time/movement is essential .... the lorry proved to be a very valuable asset for us. nothing gets our adrenaline pumpin' more then a race with a lorry full of banglas. 

right :: pix taken at khairul's place ... the karaoke pit stop.

below left :: pix taken at Osman's place ... our pit stop while waiting for the rain to stop.

above right :: moksein, shahril, fahmi, khairul, farhan.

left :: pix taken below moksein's block. if i can just figure out what osman is trying to do.

end for now ::

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