stats/data layout

A  bit bout me then;
Singaporean male;
named Alfie;
aka F.E/alpitt;
24 yrs old;
part-time student/resort rep;
formerly of Temasek sec/poly;
n.s vocation rifleman of 1 SIR;
shy charactered;
residence-east side;

Singapore da city;
safe; clean; hectic lifestyle; strict laws; south-east asia largest underwater world-[sentosa]; small; bustling wif life;

[possible]-backpacking in Europe.
[impossible]-go to space.

Me movie sense;
 -Loved shakespear's R + J, matrix[whoa], saving private ryan[intense opening], ID4 ... they were superb.
 -Cult faves are usual suspects, seven ... [same villain].
 -Horrors that are still vivid in my head ; the thing[yes, still can see that head turning into a spider], pet cemetery.
 -Anticipating; charlie's angels 2, matrix reload and revolution, starwars:episode III

Me like it like that;
-Collect female figurines of comic/game/anime characters, have to cutback on this hobby due to the current economic crisis.
 -A passion for
gaming, used to play all the time until national service ... now the desire is reduced but still i feel like a boy at toys'R'us whenever SEGA got something new to offer.
 -Shoes; i go with
nike ACG hiking shoes. Stylish enough to be worn on almost any occasion.
Japanese animation; there are some exceptionally good series in the catalog. Most of them are hilarious, even the serious ones. Samurai X[rurounin kenshin] and SlamDunk have been aired on AXN, i hope AXN has more good stuff in store for us.
Party of Five; i feel the pain these folks are going through whenever there is a crisis. Plus Jennifer Love is a babe, even when she's crying[Enrique Iglasias music video]. Still i hope Mediacorp will give me season six sometime soon. 
WWE. Don't get me wrong ... i know the matches are rigged but still the drama is more watchable compared to "Days of our lives". Then add a lil' of those panties matches, Stacy Kibler, Lita, and we got the no.1 brand in sports entertainment.
 -Swaying gently in a hammock under a shaded tree by the
beach with no worries in my mind. Ahhh! these are the simple pleasures of life.
Cranberries; When the irish lads and no doubt came to Singapore (best event of the year), i was over the top. My whole teenage life had revolved around these bands(secretly) and to see them summing up that part of my life with an electrifiying performance is just unbelievable. i felt an emptiness in my heart when they left the stage.

Last words;
Wow! that was a mouthful, hopefully the lil bio had made you understand a lil more bout me, now let me understand you ... so if you could leave your mark in the guestbook[seems cheesy, eh] i will understand you. thanx for your time.