Me 2 cents; expressing meself

 -US bombing one of the poorest country in the world, that is just not right. Yeah sure, bomb the mountains, bomb the valleys, but i don't think bombing a city full of innocents justifies as a retaliation against terrorism.

-What's up with the ads in classified nowadays. When looking for a job, it's a common sight to see "Chinese preferred, must speak mandarin". Are they saying that the other minority races are not good enough for the job. In other countries, this would be considered as oppression against minority races. Don't get me wrong i've got no issue with the Chinese, it's the recruiting companies that i'm pissed at. What!? quota you say ... quota my ass.

-Kuala Lumpur, cab drivers. What is their deal? Malaysia is promoting tourism towards its capital, yet the cabbies are giving us tourist a tough time. No meter, no fixed rate, no courtesy, what they have is an attitude problem. I'm not saying all nor am i saying the majority, but there are some out there who would make a vacation in K.L unpleasant. 

-US warpath. Why do they insist on attacking Iraq when everyone else is against it? Their reason of Saddam being a threat, harboring terrorist or mass destructive weapons all don't seem enough reasons nor right reasons for an all out war. To do what? Establish an American biased country in the gulf? To capture Iraq's oil assets? Without even thinking we all know there is a hidden agenda. Then once again the economy will drop, people will lose jobs, number of suicides will rise...all because of one Mr Bush and his ego.

-Muslim terrorist, i resent that sentiment. Its biased, rude and just plain irresponsible. They never called the IRA christian terrorist and yet that war claimed so many lives. Its now become a common word that whenever you see muslim guy with turban and beard...there is a chance that he's a terrorsit. Thats absurd!