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:: works :: 01 02 03

After days of looking for the majestic seashell, Sydney manages to find the damn thing...

Sydney :: finally! the shell is mine. The hard work really paid off.

Sydney :: time to reap the profit of my work.
[Abbey creeps up behind her]

Abbey :: you mean my profit....hand it over!
Sydney :: why you!! you'll never get away wif this.

[suddenly a panda pops up from the ruins]
Abbey :: heh!? where did you come from?

[Sydney took advantage of the distraction]
Sydney :: karate chop!!

Sydney :: it's over Abbey! you're going down.
Abbey :: damn the panda!

Sydney ::  all tied up wif my whip.
Abbey :: you're into bondage ain't ya?

Terminator :: anyone said bondage? ...astalavista baby.
Abbey/Sydney :: oh brother!!

end ::

**these images are made by me. figures are of Arnold : terminator 2, Sydney savage & abbey chase : danger girl.
original storyline from alpittworks©